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We are commissioned with demanding projects and we provide integration, total solution to our clients. Our team is highly experienced in both front-end and back-end development.

Custom solutions are made to cater different needs, we work closely with our clients to match their schedule without sacrificing the final quality.

Latest technology are introduced to our clients, to improve visual impression and system reliability.

Front-End Development

We both provide custom graphic design by our partner design studio, and accept Front-End Development for design by other designers

System Design

We provide system design to Design Studios who have special system needs, for example, high capacity system design for lottery system, DDoS resistant system


We also integrate the newly commissioned solution to work with existing system, and provide transition plans from old system to new systems.

Services What we do

We provide consultation service, out-source development service and support/maintenance service to clients
TV Most TV Most Ltd.
TV Most website and app are one total solution. This system is designed to cope with over 1 million active users and reduce the server downtime due to DDoS from neighbouring country.

TV Most
Best Mall Awards 2014 Apple Daily
Am info-graph like website with parallax effect is created to fulfil client's wish to have more interaction between the user and website

Best Mall Awards 2014
Happymeowment Animotion Studio
We provide server side support and consulting to Happymeowment AR experience in Longham Palace to expand their on site experience to the web

Animotion Studio

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